PAPUA - Raja ampat

Indonesia is one of the countries famous for its rich natural attractions. The diversity of its natural appeal makes Indonesia’s natural beauty endless. So many natural attractions in Indonesia are still hidden and not yet widely known. Indonesia, located on two oceans and two continents, has a series of islands with more than 17 thousand islands known as a country rich in natural and cultural diversity. At present, Indonesia’s tourism sector is focusing on introducing the beauty of tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia. The natural beauty of East Indonesia tourism is indeed not in doubt. The eastern part of Indonesia offers many beautiful hidden places where the fertile nature and majestic islands are located. One of them is Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings”, located in West Papua Province is an area comprised of a multitude of islands and is famous for its high biodiversity, this is one of the worlds best diving destinantion. Raja ampat offers dives of good visibility, with a minimum of 20 metres, and waters are teeming with a staggering variety of marine life. in the west school of mantas gather. at mantas point , the current runs fast and smooth, making it the perfect playground for these elegant creatures and divers to watch them. Raja Ampat is known with it unspoiled natural magnificence on land and their marine ecology. They offer a tranquility jungle with their wildlife and beautiful underwater biodiversity which wait to be discovered by amazing adventure. Home of several fish and shark species fish that only in Raja Ampat. Not only underwater, for those who likes to explore the jungle by trekking to see beautiful view or meet endemic animals, Raja Ampat will give you wonderful experience. They even offer other fun activities such as photography, honeymoon, nature exploration, and many more.



Scuba Diving at Urai Island

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Unlimited Diving in Raja Ampat

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Diving in Paradise of Misool

Price Estimation : IDR 61.000.000


Scuba Diving in Waisai

Price Estimation : IDR 32.430.000


Leisure Trip at Batanta Island

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papua paradise

Leisure Trip at Urai Island

Price Estimation : IDR 11.000.000


Hidden Paradise of Misool

Price Estimation : IDR 46.000.000


Paket Raja Ampat

Land Tour Raja Ampat

Price Estimation : IDR 7.550.000


Scuba Diving Trip Raja Ampat

Price Estimation : IDR 8.850.000