Misool: Exploring The World’s Richest Reefs

Imagine a place, so secluded, pristine, and wild, just south of the equator and just beyomd the horizon. Imagine a safe haven where manta rays dance and sea turtles forage, where new generation is born and coral reefs bursting with life.


Misool is a remote, tropical hideaway, one of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat Islands, and a world renowned dive destination in West Papua, Indonesia. Located in the very heart of the world’s Coral Triangle, the epicentre of marine biodiversity, it is a vision of sustainability rooted in nature, in partnership with local communities where conservation comes first. Home to the richest reefs in the world, it is a nursery for baby sharks to safely grow and thrive, a sanctuary for manta rays, and a refuge for nesting sea turtles. The crystal clear ocean allows breathtaking views of Misool’s sub-surface colorful treasures. A place where 75 percent of all known species of corals and ornamental fish in the world and boast the highest level of marine biodiversity on the planet.


Misool spans over 300,000 acres of pristine islands and isolated beaches with pure white sand, fringed with coconut trees leading out to the stunningly turquoise waters . The lands are heavily forested with nothing but a thick green carpet of dense jungles and mangrove swamps. From the east to the west of the island, a maze of limestone cliffs, carved by the waves and draped in vegetation, extend sharply out of the blue sea.


The unrivalled abundance of aquatic life, such as sharks and rays, are fully protected by local rangers who are there to defend their birthright. All fishing activities are strictly prohibited. It is a sanctuary protected from shark fishermen, bomb fishermen, and live reef fish traders.


Aside from the enchanting panoramic scenery and wealth of marine life, Misool is also home to ancient cultural sites. A number of petroglyphs can be found on walls of caves throughout the island, dating back approximately 5,000 years.


It is quite a bit of journey to get to this heaven on earth. Aside from the distance and  money you have to be willing to spend to get there, you also have to powerthrough the many hours taken to travel to the islands. To get to Misool, first you have to fly to Sorong Airport in West Papua, Indonesia. This is a domestic airport with flights available from Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Manado, and Ambon. From Sorong, a private speedboat will take you to your selected resort. The trip will take between 4-5 hours, but will seem like no time at all as you journey through some of the most captivating sceneries you have ever seen.

Pic : By Misool Eco Resort

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