Menjangan: Bali’s Olden Charms

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If you are looking for the best diving in Bali, you need to put Menjangan Island on your itinerary. Located at the north-west end of Bali, the island of the deer (meaning of its name in Indonesian) is the dream place for snorkelers and scuba divers avid of clear turquoise waters and colourful coral gardens away from the crowd. I know what you’re thinking, there are deers in Bali? Yes, deers live in Bali too.


Anyways, moving on! Around Menjangan Island are a mix of beaches, cliffs with bat caves and mangroves, and a beautifully carved white Ganesh temple just right by the turquoise water.  That is why, while waiting to embark to Menjangan, you will see a lot of Balinese people in traditional costume arriving at the same time with offerings.


Menjangan Island has some of Bali’s best coral reefs, wall-diving and snorkelling sites, teeming with a spectacular marine life and famous for its lack of currents and the great visibility, which extends to 50 metres at particular times of the year. Here you can view some of the best soft corals, sponges, and Bali’s greatest diversity of gorgonian fans – which attract huge numbers of small reef fish including brightly coloured parrot fish, yellow back fusiliers, powder-blue surgeon fish, damsel fish, puffer fish, unicorn fish, barracuda and silvery jacks. The walls plummet deep into the ocean floor so there is always plenty to see.


Dive into Menjangan water and enjoy spectacular reefs and walls, groupers, large groups of jacks and turtles and some beautiful scenery.



Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash