Kampung Kentandan: Jogjakarta’s Very Own Chinatown

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Indonesia is known for its diversity. People from different ethnic groups and cultures live side by side in harmony. Jogjakarta is one of the most culturally diverse city in Indonesia. A city that respects and values history. The city celebrates different kinds of cultural holidays throughout the year.


One of the most celebrated holidays in the world is the Lunar New Year, or what we, locals, know as Imlek. Here, we celebrate it big, despite the chinese population in the country can be considered as minorities. But, that’s the beauty of Indonesia. The lunar new year is just around the corner


Introducing the Chinatown of Jogjakarta, Kampung Ketandan. Located in Malioboro, the center of Yogyakarta, Kentandan consists of many old  terraced houses with decadent Chinese architecture. Kampung Kentandan is dubbed as the chinatown area by Jogjakarta’s government.


The Chinese community in Jogjakarta has settled in the Malioboro area, such as the Ketandan, Beskalan, and Pajeksan villages, for at least 200 years. Since 2006, along with the reformation era in Indonesia, Chinese Culture Week is held every lunar new year around February. The area is lavishly decorated with red and gold ornaments and the icing on the cake is the famous archway at the entrance of the village, which is popular among photographers!


Come celebrate the Year of the Metal Rat and witness the lunar new year festivities in Jogjakarta!



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Pict by : Photo by Martin Zangerl on Unsplash