Indonesia’s Hidden Gems You Can Visit Other Than Bali

Many of us might have visited famous cities and spots in Indonesia. Let me guess, you’ve been to Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Lombok, or Surabaya. Sounds like you’ve explored most of Indonesia, but believe me, this archipelago country has so much more to offer.


One unique way to discover Indonesia like never before is by heading to where the locals spent their spare time. Nobody knows a place better than the locals themselves, right? And of course unsurprisingly, these wonderful spots won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Let’s start by exploring the western part of Indonesia!


The first one is Lampuuk Beach in Aceh. After the disastrous tsunami struck in 2004, Aceh has since been hailed “the city that survived”.  But unbeknownst to many, the tsunami actually cleared up the coast line and created beautiful landscapes like the Lampuuk Beach! This pure white-sand beach line is now a place where the locals to spend their quality time with their loved ones. Aside from enjoying the sun, sea, and sand, you can rent banana boats and jetskis for a more thrilling water experience. After playing to your heart’s content in the water, be sure to stay till sunset as twilight hour in Lampuuk Beach is the perfect to catch snaps of gorgeous silhouettes using your camera.


When asked what’s the best attraction in North Sumatra, most of us would instantly think of Lake Toba, the national’s largest volcanic lake. But only few would recognize the name of its neighbour, the massive Sipiso-piso waterfall! This 120 meters high waterfall is located right next to Lake Toba in the Tongging village. Ascend to the top to enjoy breathtaking views of the waterfall from above,  plus you’ll have a view of Lake Toba too! Make your way down to the bottom of the waterfall and dip your toes in or splash your face with the cooling natural water for a quick pick-me-up. Even though it’s one hour walk from the top to the bottom, the time will pass by quickly as you admire the beautiful scenery along the way.


Last one on the list,Telaga Biru Cigaru. Located in the neighboring province of the capital, Cigaru is a suburban area in Banten, West Java. This up-and-coming tourist attraction is managed by the local residents, which explains how clean and neat the lake is. This artificial lake was formed after an industrial sand-digging project was halted. After two years, the pit was filled with water, and due to the acid levels of the water, the lake was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours such as vivid blue, yellow, sometimes even green or transparent! There are two lakes at this site, but both green and blue ones are equally beautiful. Given the high levels of acidic concentration found in the waters, visitors aren’t allowed to take a dip in the lake.

What we’ve covered is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to Indonesia that’s just waiting to be explored!

Photo by : Photo by Pukpik on Unsplash