Expand Your Horizon From Under The Sea

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Well, well, here we are again, December. The last month of the year. Wow, how time flies, huh? As they say, this is usually the time when you start thinking about your new year’s resolutions. New year, new me, all that kind of stuff.


In light of new beginnings, I personally like to add “get a new hobby” on my resolution. Now, I know, that doesn’t always go as well as I wanted to be, but having a hobby is a good outlet for us to decompress from our daily stress. It can be any sorts of new things that you’ve been dying to try. Some hobbies can churn your creative juices and others can pump your adrenaline. This new year, why not try something like, diving? Sounds fun, eh?


We are blessed with beautiful nature, especially the ocean. But there is more than just the surface of pure white sand beaches. There is more beneath it. For those of you who want to explore the beauty underwater, the way down there is to learn scuba diving.


Before you can explore under the sea, first give scuba a taste. It’s best for you to make an initial depth in the ocean before you go deeper. Some newbie scuba divers go 10 meters deep just to take a plunge of the beauty of diving. Because of its athletic nature, make sure you’re healthy enough to go underwater. Diving requires a lot of physical movements. It’s basically like swimming but with a better view, so you have to use all of your limbs.


Underwater will be a new world for you. You might be overwhelmed with beautiful creatures you will see, and they might get scared or anxious. But trust your diving instructors because they are there to guide you all the way.

Pic : By Meridian Dive Resort


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