Padang Bai: Green Hills Fringing A Sprawling City

This little beach town is the port for public ferries connecting Bali with Lombok and Nusa Penida; there are also fast boats to Lombok and the Gilis. When not inundated by travellers in transit, it has a laid-back vibe and its accommodation, eating and drinking options are solidly geared towards the backpacker and diving markets.


Padang Bai Beach is the main stretch of sand in Padang Bai. While the coastal town is better known for its busy seaport – where ferries take travellers southeast to Lombok – you’ll find a nice beachfront on the eastern corner of the bay. Divers won’t find a shortage of operators lining Padang Bai. Motorboats and traditional outriggers operated by locals can take you to the best spots around the waters, where you can discover vivid reefs teeming with marine life. If you prefer staying on the beach, check out local temples like Pura Tanjung Sari and Silayukti Temple.


Blue Lagoon Beach occupies a small bay about 1.5 km northeast of Padang Bai Port. You can snorkel right off from this 60-metre stretch of white sand. It has a diving spot that’s home to exotic marine life, including Napoleon wrasse, reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue ribbon eels, nudibranchs, octopuses, and cuttlefish. It’s considered one of Bali’s hidden beaches, attracting those looking for a quiet tropical holiday.


Located 150 metres southwest of Padang Bai Port, Bias Tugel is a secluded beach hidden between hilly capes. This 130-metre-long sandy stretch offers calm and blue waters most times of the year. You can relax on the even sand or under the shades of parasols. Head over to Bias Tugel’s far eastern end to find fairly nice spots for swimming and snorkelling. You can find local vendors selling snacks and cold beers, as well as renting out parasols and snorkelling gear along this stretch of the coast.


Pura Silayukti is an 11th-century Hindu temple in Padangbai. Its hilltop location overlooks the main sandy length of Padangbai and Blue Lagoon Beach to the north, making it one of the best spots for sunsets and sunrises in Bali. The temple is located on a headland about 1.2 km northeast of Padang Bai Port. There’s a pathway that also takes you to several shrines like Pura Tanjungsari and Pura Telaga Mas. Pura Silayukti is liveliest during its temple anniversary, which takes place every Kliwon Pahang Wednesday on the Balinese 210-day calendar. Pilgrims from all over Bali attend the temple for prayers over 4 days.




Photo by felfin05 evin on Unsplash