PADI Course

Maratua Atoll
The dive sites around the resort are captivating due to their biodiversity and the nutrient rich currents coming from the Pacific Ocean. Most dive sites consist of an intact reef roof and drop offs. Our highlight, “the Channel”, also well known as “Big Fish Country”, is one of the best dive sites in Borneo. Due to the strong currents you can see a startling array of pelagic fish.

Seventy percent of the island of Kakaban is comprised of a brackish water lake, surrounded by a slim strip of dense jungle. During your surface interval, you have the extraordinary opportunity to snorkel with different kinds of non-stinging Jelly Fish. At “Barracuda Point” divers frequently see reef sharks, leopard sharks, and a big school of barracudas. With a little luck you might even see a hammerhead shark.

World famous for Mantas, these dive sites make your heart race. Mantas can be seen nearly the whole year round and an encounter with the “eagle of the ocean” is an unforgettable event. Furthermore, beautiful intact coral reefs and the countless turtles who lay their eggs on Sangalaki – make these dive sites a unique treat.